Commitment to Philanthropic Values



The Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation is committed to transparency and communication to assure the public is fully informed in all matters of RPDFF operations and the stewardship of public resources. We are committed to sharing information and data in line with the Foundation Center’s
Glass Pockets Initiative 





The Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation is a Delaware Corporation, governed by two bodies, Qualified Members, most of whom are direct descendants of Roy and Patricia Disney, and Directors whom are elected by the Qualified Members to serve on the Board of Directors. In general, Qualified Members are responsible for approving grants and setting the mission and strategic direction of the Foundation, while the Board of Directors are responsible for oversight of daily operations, finances, and policies of the Foundation.


Foundation Policies



Beyond the governance at the board level, the Foundation has operational policies in place that ensure proper conduct. These policies include:


Code of Ethics:

This policy guides the Foundation's business practices in support of its values and vision.


Conflict of Interest:

The Foundation holds a special obligation to uphold the public trust.


Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity:

The Foundation promotes inclusiveness in its hiring, retention, promotion of employees, and constituencies served to enrich program effectiveness.

Whistleblower Policy:

The Foundation upholds this policy for protecting those who may report concerns about the legality or propriety of Foundation actions or plans.



Financial Statements